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The Fancy Pumpkin: the beginning

I always liked to decorate our home. Years ago I started looking for nice autumn decorations and after the days got shorter and I couldn't spend as much time in the garden, I was desperate to fill the house with some colour and joy. First I started off with some pumpkin decorations (real ones). Everything looked really nice. The only problem was that real pumpkins start to rot and on top of that most decorative pumpkins are sold by weight which means if you have a lavish display it can get quite expensive. So I was looking for something more lasting. After some research I stumbled upon these wonderful silk velvet pumpkins, which turns out to be very popular in America but not so much in Europe. So I decided to make my own. I bought some velvet fabric and used sunflower stems (which I have lots of in my garden) and some gourd/ squash stems for my first display. Friends and family a like loved it.  I’m so glad I found these old pictures. All of these pumpkins I have given to fa

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